Week 16

End of the semester!! I made it. I think as I write this week I am pulling information about my feelings about the entire semester. I was able to learn a lot regarding leadership and feel better prepared to be a leader.

This week we talked about risk management. I was surprised at some of the issues that can come up in the workplace and that there needs to be a way to handle these situations. In our discussion it was interesting to see different ways my team members handled the situation and how similar we thought. I think that there is a main idea and that is to keep everyone safe and to learn from mistakes. Dealing with problems allows risks to be identified and change to happen from knowing the risks. 

I think that it is important to learn from your mistakes and make the work environment better instead of just getting frustrated and giving in. 

I had a great time this semester. Glad I learned a lot and glad to move on to the next thing in my career as a nurse.

Week 15

It was interesting to learn about motivation. I think this is something very important to know about and to utilize on a nursing unit and in a hospital as a whole. I think that if the whole unit is feeling down and not motivated towards the goals the staff, patients and all others who come to that unit or hospital will feel those effects. 

As I discussed with my team different options for motivation it was brought up to assess the specific needs of the people and then address it specifically. I thought incentives, goals and making friends with those on the unit would help boost morale and bring the unit closer together and more motivated to get things done if there are incentives. 

Motivation is key to success and will be a helpful tool. I am sure I will run into times in my career of seeing low morale and can use these options to help boost things as well as increase patient care outcomes and other outcomes through motivating and helping those I work with. 

Week 14

I enjoyed talking about conflict and conflict resolution this week. I learned valuable information and was able to discuss with my team different ways that can be used to avoid conflict and aggressive communication. I have seen conflict and aggression arise in many situations and it is important to realize that there are tools to stay away from situations like that. First off I believe that using assertive communication can help things from escalating and well as trying to see the other person’s perspective even if you do  not necessarily agree. I will take this information into my practice for the next time I need to talk with someone about a topic that could get heater or frustrating. 

I also liked learning about unions and the bargaining assignment. I was confused at first but as I went along I realized how interesting it is and that there are many variables. Many times it does not work out great and there can be losses involved but I see that over a few years it can be helpful to the workers. I am on the fence about unions I can see the good but also see bad aspects. 

Week 13

Wow this week had a lot to do. I think my overall feelings from this week as survival. I did learn some valuable information through the discussion as well as the assignments. I found it interesting to go through all of the universities and seeing what type of MSN programs they offered and then seeing what my team members thought the best plan of action was. I think that it was great to figure out what is offered in the state of Utah. Recreating the study was interesting and fun to do. I realized that research can be fun and it can show a lot of information. 

The strategic planning and growth assignment allowed me to look at the reasoning behind why growth and planning is necessary and helpful. In my future career I do not know if I will be working on projects such as these but understanding why change and growth is happening can help me to have good attitudes and support the company that I work for. I think that strategic planning can be small or large. I can have a strategic plan for my own life and then there can be strategic plans for a large company. This is helpful in both a personal standpoint and a business/administration standpoint. I think overall this is meant in a business standpoint but I like to bring it to a personal level to help me understand. I think that it was good to realize values and beliefs, goals for the company, limitations and ideas to help with growth. Overall this will help me in my career through helping me to look at the long term goal and use short term goals to reach the long term.

Week 12

I learned a lot from discussing with my team members and doing assignments for class this week. First and foremost I loved the video on who ate my cheese. It was eye opening to what can happen when change occurs. I found myself identifying with the human who was a little resistant to change and the he ultimately went along with it. There are times that I resist change but then I get used to the idea. I am working to be better at rolling with the punches and accepting changes and putting my effort into learning why and to figure out how to help others with it. I think change is necessary for growth and development in any area in life. In the workplace too much change can be bad but the right amount can bring about positive outcomes and help things run better. I will take this into my nursing practice by being willing to work at understanding change and helping initiate change if it is needed. 

Budget Interview

Brent Doty
Zion West RV Park
When asked what the hardest thing about cutting budget expenses the reply was something that I feel most of us run into there are fixed costs that simply cannot be cut. There are things such as upgrades and improvements that can be cut but that may affect the image of the business. This company does not have any employees so there isn’t problems with employees and budget cuts but budget cuts could affect how the residents at the RV park feel about their experience there.  The first things to be cut is labor such as a lawn service. The owner does a lot of the maintenance and labor on his own to avoid paying high labor costs as well as employees since he would then have to pay for healthcare and other benefits. The last thing he would cut is specialized equipment that is needed to get the job done. The method for budget cuts is to make all the necessary payments and obligations first and then reduce from there. He assesses his budget monthly and uses a tax consultant to help at tax time but her runs the budget himself keeping it simple and using old fashioned ledger sheets. Costs that can be unexpected for the budget is the electricity cost. Something that was not part of the budget was building cabins at the park. He put them together himself so no labor costs however it will take about 10 months until they will become profitable. 
This was interesting to see budgeting from another businesses perspective and learn how simple things can be. Even brought to a larger scale I think simple principles are easier to deal with.


Week 10

Ultimate nursing goals and career plan:

As I look at my goals for the next five years I am finding it hard to make specific plans. I can make goals but so much is in the air because my husband has a military deployment coming up this fall and then will be starting grad school. I know I am not like most people in the fact that I want to put my husbands career goals and my kids first before my career since that’s what I have made a priority for my life and I am content and happy with that decision. I do want to work in critical care and then work as a charge nurse and by the time I am done being a bedside nurse I want to have plans in place so that I can be a manager or in some type of leadership role. Since I am only 23 years old I am happy with the way my career is heading right now.

As I discussed with my team members this week I was surprised at the variation between the scheduling methods. Some felt that their managers did a good job and others saw it as a complete mess. This drives home the point the necessity of good scheduling methods and expectations. The best methods I saw when I was discussing with my team was having a clear expectation of when the schedule will be out and for how long the schedule will cover. Also I liked that there were not expectations that they have to work more than their 3 shifts and that they are able to ask for time off as long as they do it 1.5 weeks before the schedule comes out. I think there are problems in that there are a lot of call offs and on calls happening on some units. Finding solutions to these problems could benefit the overall running of the unit and probably help nurses feel happier about their situation. 

Week 9

I am very excited about where the future of nursing is heading. I have always been intrigued by the amount of opportunities to advance in nursing as well as the many areas that one can work once they are a nurse. One of the things I am most excited about in the future of nursing is the ability for nurses to use their full potential and not always be under the care of a physician to dictate what they do. Advance practice nursing is such a wonderful option and one I may look into in the future after my husband is done with his schooling.

There is so much to be done and I believe that reaching those goals may take some time but the fact that these goals have been set and that is what we are looking forward to shows that the change will happen in time as long as we stick to those goals and focus on obtaining them. 

Week 8


So after this assignment I don’t think I am very excited to have this role one day. I like crunching numbers and cutting things out, I really did enjoy that part of the assignment but then I thought of the application of cutting and how it could upset those that I work with. I think that I need to realize that it is important to stay within the budget and be open to others when there are cuts that this is for the good of the company. 

This helps me understand more when people get their shifts cut or census goes down so someone is sent home, it adds up quickly when there are too many people on the unit for what is necessary. I also thought about the amount of time two nurses are being paid during report. I did my capstone at IMC and they were really pushing report to be done in less than 30 minutes because it had gotten out of control and it was causing problems in their budget. 

I think after looking at ideas from fellow team members I was able to learn from their ideas. I think that budgeting is vital to the success of a company and through team work and discussion money can be saved and budgeted in a way that can improve things for the company and for those that work for the company.


Week 7

This week for the group discussion we were to decide who was the better leader, men or women. From the weekly readings I decided that women were the better leaders because of the qualities that they possessed. The articles had some pretty great arguments of why women are great leaders. As I discussed with my team mates one of my teammates said that men were better leaders partly because they have been seen as leaders for such a long time. I agree to a point that there is a preconceived notion that men are better leaders just because of history. My husband and I were discussing this because I wanted to see his view and he said men but then he said he thinks men just because of authority. He was thinking more of a military leader since he is in the army. I realized that authority is important but there are attributes that can be used in place of authority. I want to take into my leadership role attributes of respect and caring for those that I lead.  I do not believe that authority makes someone a good leader. I want to be a bunch of different attributes in order to lead those I am in charge of. 

I liked the interview this week. I was able to gain valuable knowledge for one day when I am in the position.